We foot hot too bad!!

Where do we Trinis come up with our words? If we have the right word, we have a different meaning. Sometimes I wonder if our ancestors actually sat down and intentionally change up words or if for some reason words were unintentionally changed or lost in translation or quick speech. Who knows! Nevertheless, we have some darn funny words, lol and we’ll share some with you soon. “Hotfoot,” is a very common word in the Trini vernacular, but what does it really mean?

I decided to google the meaning. To my surprise the term or word “hotfoot” means to walk or run eagerly…It is also a practical joke in which someone’s shoe or shoelace is lit with a match, oh the horror!

To we Trinis, I grew up knowing “hotfoot” to mean a person who always on the road or who always like to be on the road. I believe that I am related to the ultimate, certified “hotfoot.” Well boy, I have an aunt named Maro and oh gosh she foot hot. My mother always use to tell me a story about my aunt when she was going to Secondary School.

Now remember my aunt foot hot eh. She had started school recently and was still in form one. Now I know that in form one everybody timid and chupidee because yuh new and still trying to find friends. Well apparently, my aunt’s school, which was located in Curepe, had a football match in San Fernando, now for those who don’t know, that’s a good distance. She decided she want to jump on a bus and go and see the football game. So Maro jump on the bus and gone down the road man. The game was fun, the lime was swinging, her school even won.

The game done now and she had to go back up the road for herself. So 6pm in the evening and my grandmother worried because Maro not home yet and in those days the average person didn’t have a landline far less for a cellphone. So no one knew where Maro was and of course my mummy who is older than Maro got licks because it was a widely held belief long ago that the elder siblings had to take care of the younger ones (mind you they weren’t even going to the same school). So licks sharing and mummy crying, when all they could hear in the distance is the noise of a siren, so my grandmother worried and frantic.

When they looked outside it was Maro being dropped off by a police car. Apparently, she realized she didn’t know her way back home so she decided to call the police from a payphone. Smart child! Always street smart and know how to handle her stories.

Up to this day her foot still hot and she ain’t no spring chicken again. She knows all the stores in Arima and Port of Spain, so much so that she is now the official family buyer. If you have a party to go to and you only have $150.00 to spend, don’t despair, just give the money to Maro and she would come back with 4 different gifts, a vita malt and a pack of holiday cashew nuts, yuh bill and she letting you know that she keeping the change for transportation fee, lol.

Generally Trinis like the road, yuh watching international news, a Trini on it, a football match, a Trini with a flag in the stadium. In 2014 it was even reported that there are approximately 220,000 Trinis living in the States and I’m sure that is a conservative figure. We all over the place, in Trini parlance we have “hotfoot.”

That’s why our “hotfoot” onesies and tees are well suited to any Trini, we like the road and we love looking good while doing it too. So let Kairibaby help you out, our designs are done by the best and we offer you the best, and our products are as local as you could get.

So as we say, come thru nah, and check out our website or fb page http://www.kairibaby.com andhttps://www.facebook.com/mykairibaby/





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