What is sweeter than the Trini culture and/or a baby??..OH! Only Kairibaby!

As I sit on my bed at my staycation resort at La Playa de Este in Salybia, I’m looking around and thinking about all the good things about my Trini culture, the luxuriant verdure that covers our mountainside, the beaches, the lime and of course the people!!! And I remembered that the very conception of Kairibaby was in fact due to our love for our Trini culture (and of course the fact that the American culture has totally eclipsed our Trini culture in food and fashion just to name a few and we wanted to contribute to a “revival” of our Trini culture).

In the words of David Rudder:

Sweet sweet T & T Oh how I love up this country

Sweet sweet T & T No place in this world I’d rather be

Sweet sweet T & T Oh how I love up meh country

Sweet sweet T & T All dis sugar can’t be good for me…

Trinidad and Tobago is indeed sweet and so are babies, and Kairibaby is actually a combination of the two, in that, one of our aims is to infuse our Trini culture with clothing for babies. Imagine our dismay when we see cute little Trini babies dressed to kill and when you read the logo on their clothing it speaks of snow or elephants or some American snack. I don’t know about you but I’ve never seen snow fall in Trinidad and Tobago have you? and I don’t think it ever would. And I don’t think an elephant ever graced these shores, otherwise it would have surely been on the front page of the “Express.” I know about hot sun and rain and iguana and lappe…I even know that Trinis like to leave out the “t” at the end of words and replace “th” with “d,” so even the most learnt among us would often say things like “Dey gone down the road” or “Wha yuh doing?” All of these things makes us “we” and from the time yuh hear someone with an accent who yuh know for a fact you grew up with, went to school with and living right down the road from you the first thing we go say is “who is that fresh water yankee?” Because yuh know the person probably never went away and the closest thing they have to the “states” is FLOW cable.

Don’t get me wrong eh, I love the American culture, we in Trinidad loooove the American culture. In fact we love it so much that from the time we get through with an American visa, be it for 6 months or 10 years, no take that back, from the time we pay our $1100 and fill out the visa application form, some of our accents change. And don’t talk about when we touch down in JFK we have already completed the course for Intro to American accents 101. And when the $1 car drop us off by the Caribbean central of the USA (Brooklyn and Queens) some already would have completed their 4year studies in the Liberal Arts degree of American culture. So yuh can safely say that we in Trinidad love all things American, lol… Trini people “sweet fuh so” as is indicated on the top worn by one of our models in the feature image above.

We so sweet that, that word sweet is actually used to describe women, “eh fellas dat girl sweet bad.” Sweet is also used to describe pineapple chow, and that is one thing about Trinis, we can make a chow outta anything, even corn! We like to buss a sweet lime, and I think we are the only people who use the word lime as a synonym for hanging out with friends and family. and the neighborhood chef by me is known as “sweet hand” Pearl. Yeah we sweet too bad and I love our culture!

‘Sweet fuh so,” is one of the many catchy phrases that we have on our baby onesies and kids tees and it truly encapsulates so many aspects of our “sweet” culture. In fact for the next couple of weeks, my blogs would be odes to our Trini culture, which so happens to be perfectly matched with our products, ahem, ahem (clearing throat while sipping on some sweet Trini sorrel juice)…

So check us out nah, as I remind you to do every week. And the good thing about Kairibaby is that you don’t have to be Trini to wear our products because I am sure that each culture has its own degree of sweetness, so our “sweet fuh so” onesie or t-shirt would be just right for you.;) http://www.kairibaby.com or https://www.facebook.com/mykairibaby/?fref=ts

Later would be greater!




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