DIY Goodness: 60 sec Giftwrap

Whew! Finally a cute way to embellish a gift in sixty (60) seconds.

Now if you know anything about us Trinbagonians you’d know that a great multitude of us thrive in a self made dimension identified only as Trinidad time. In that realm, its perfectly acceptable to arrive 2 hours late for any event with no other reason than “buh wha happen to you? Ah was gettin’ ready!”. You’ll realize [if you haven’t already] that one can enter and emerge from this glorious dimension at any point along the timeline and that you’re probably already in it if you haven’t acquired Christmas presents just yet, the new curtains aren’t yet up or you’re just about to start Internet searches for Ponche ah Creme (a.k.a. Ponche de Crème) recipes.

If you’re caught up in that last minute gift conundrum have no fear; there’s a way to dress it up in a minute or less. Make d ting look good nah; Christmas doesn’t happen on Trinidad time 😉

inpostimage19What you’ll need:

  • the gift
  • [plenty] gift paper…yuh wrappin’ the gift last minute…yuh cyar play mas and fraid powder
  • about a yard (36 inches) of curling ribbon
  • scissors
  • 60 seconds


  1. Lay the gift paper open flat on the floor or table, with the “outside” (embellished side) facing downward
  2. place your gift in the centre
  3. Pull the edges of the paper over to the top of the gift
  4. Secure with curling ribbon
  5. If you’re feeling fancy, curl the ribbon ends with a pair of scissors. DONE!


Of course, you could throw in several variations for extra cuteness, like a layer of [giftwrap] tissue between the paper and the gift or multiple lengths of ribbon in complimentary colors.


When you order your gifts from kairiBaby ( you have the option of having us embellish it for ya. If we can accomplish this fanciness in 60 seconds, imagine what we could do with a smidgen more time :D…next birthday or baby shower…game on!


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