On Strike for Christmas?

I don’t know about you, but in my house Christmas time was always bittersweet. It was the only time of the year that I looked forward to and when it came around, I was upset. Upset because from the time school was closed it was cleaning right up until Christmas Eve or sometimes Christmas morning. I often wondered why my mother waited for the end of the year to clean the house. I would not dare ask my mom that question, because all Trini and Caribbean children know that once yuh give yuh mom lip you would get a sharp cut-eye that could cut and then yuh have to look out for something flying at you next, and I was never such a daring child, I valued my life.

I could remember myself dreaming about the turkey, beef ham and homemade bread, pastels, sorrel juice and Trini Christmas champagne, “Peardrax.” Boy oh boy it use to taste good in my mind. But as a child, in order to get these things yuh have to “wok like a dog.” All children on the street would be seen cleaning the windows, painting the living room, cleaning out yuh bedroom and going with mom to drop cloth by the seamstress for curtains and bedsheets, while Baron or Scrunter playing in the background.

As I grew older I promised I would never fall in the same trap and subject my family to the horrors that my mom put us through. Well I had a next thought coming, because I grew up to be just like my mother, maybe worse, except, I don’t wear her famous house-dress. I have found myself putting up curtains Christmas morning and sometimes too tired to even cook, so the day actually meets the family sleeping. Christmas soon became tiring and the joy of the season was fading away. Everyone became too tired to parang from house to house and the spirit just wasn’t in the air. I didn’t want the season to get me down so I decided I have to make the season a stress-free one where my family can actually enjoy the time together.

  1. Be pro-active and not reactive- Make a list of things that you need to do for the Christmas. This is a tricky one because sometimes we go overboard and do a bag of unnecessary tricks.
  2. Don’t try  to over spend to impress friends and family. Because like we say in Trinidad, January is guava month, when a lot of people have to fight off the bailiff when he comes to repossess yuh things. If is not the bailiff, then the cupboards empty and yuh running down the month to pay day.
  3. If you plan on buying gifts, buy in advance and don’t wait for the holiday rush, because the prices might be higher or you may settle for something you didn’t necessarily plan to buy. If you are buying for a family, then try buying one gift that they can all enjoy rather than buying a gift for each member.
  4. Christmas cards are not necessary, especially for children and teenagers, because trust me when I say that they would look in the envelope to see if yuh put money and if there is none, then that card going in the deck with the ones from last year and yuh lucky if there is a deck.
  5. Know when to stop with the cleaning. Trini have a reputation of half-way cleaning for the whole year, so when Christmas comes around, the dust thick and the cobweb high. No, do a thorough clean ever so often. Save yourself the hassle.
  6. Enjoy yuh self- It’s the only time of the year where family members meet in the case of some families. So don’t be too tired for the season. It’s just a day and remember, when you go overboard, you would be tired and in debt maybe and the neighbor or family member you were trying to impress would come by you eat, drink and leave full and still bad talk something in your house. So live for yourself and your immediate family.

Follow these tips and you are guaranteed to have a fun Christmas. And if after reading these tips yuh still feel like yuh in the mood to shop and spend money, then visit our website http://www.kairibaby.com or visit our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/mykairibaby/ and check out our stuff, we could always use the change.

Cheers, Shana



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  1. Good write-up, I am regular visitor of one’s site, maintain up the nice operate, and It’s going to be a regular visitor for a long time.


    1. Rachael says:

      Thank you so much for your support 🙂 we hope you continue to enjoy our content 🙂


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