7 Crafts to Instantly Crank up the Christmas Cheer


Salutations cheery kairiPeople,

Now if you’ve ever come across my clan you’d know that it doesn’t take much to bring on the merriment. This year for the Christmas season, I’ve decided to crank up the cheer a bit more than usual…I want to start a couple of new traditions in my home and help my mini-me[s] stack up some warm fuzzy childhood memories in the process. Their reaction to the elf door sign was golden; so why stop there? Who knows, next year we might pull out all the stops and launch a parang band LOL!

Here are a few things I did (and are yet to do) to instantly make the season merrier and brighter; of course it helps to have the Scrunter and Baron on blast while you’re doing them.

1. Handmade Clay Ornaments

There are a ton of ways to do this but I chose cold porcelain. Its my go to for certain crafts because it air dries in 24hrs, is non-toxic and relatively easy to make. As you would imagine, there are a bunch of recipes for “air dry clay” or “cold porcelain” online but this is the one I use every time.inpostimage13

To color the clay however, I use acrylic paint (mainly because I have a variety of colors already). I asked everyone what item they would like to hang on the tree that would represent their interests or likes, thinking we could make them together; silly me! I ended up just making to order but they were super psyched to hang them lol smh. Here are some of them in the image on the right.

Are you good at moulding plasticine? It feels the exact same way (and if it doesn’t just add some corn flour as you knead. That takes away the stickiness). Go ahead, make some ornaments for yourself! Remember though, the clay dries from outside-in so either make small items or cover large items (styrofoam balls or foil moulds) with the clay, rather than making large items with clay only; this will lessen the chance of cracking during the drying process 😉

2. Festive Bowl Centerpiece

inpostimage14This one is really a low hanging fruit; it can be done in a snap! Mine literally took a minute
(because I had to wash my fishbowl and dry with gazette paper; c’mon don’t pretend you’re too young to know about that gazette paper trick lol). Get a glass vase or bowl and stuff some Christmas tree ornaments into it. You’re done! If you like, use tinsel at the base…that looks great too.

3. Advent Calendar

A means of counting down the days is always fun (and this Christmas apparently quite inpostimage17necessary, somebody cued the “mummy tomorrow is Christmas?” enquiries from since mid November and it began to take its toll). This advent calendar from the folks over at “lostmy.name” is like a regular Christmas advent calendar…but on steroids. It has, in addition to its lovely appearance, a challenge for each day in December. We’re having a blast with it. Its not too late to follow the steps and make one too.

4. Stocking Hanger

inpostimage16OK what’s with Rachael and hanging stuff? I’m not entirely sure, but why not? I used to just put command hooks directly on the wall and hang them but then I saw these ideas on pinterest and I just had to commandeer a plank and get to work #awesomesauce



5. Quaint Keepsake Wreath

I’ve had this wreath for some time and its really special to me because of the sentimentalinpostimage15 value it holds. Those flowers were saved from a centerpiece at our wedding and I wanted to repurpose them. One store-bought natural wreath and a hot glue gun session later and hello!

If you’re as lucky as I am to have a beautiful niece who’s into woodwork, ask her to make the first letter of your surname to add to your already gorgeous wreath. I haven’t added mine just yet but you could find some inspiration here. I decorated my “F” following the steps shared here.

6. Funny Crochet Hats

inpostimage12If you’re not a craftsy person, this one might prove to be a challenge; but never fear, solutions abound. Get a funky hat crocheted for your little one; or one for each member of your festive clan. Kara is one of the lambs in the manger for our church Christmas play this year so I couldn’t but make this cute little lamb beanie. You could find other festive and funny hats on our Facebook page as well. Drop us a line and let’s get your beanies made!

7. Hand-painted (by the children of course) Wall Décor

If your troops are anything like mine then they love to draw and paint…I mean, on a daily basis I have to hide the paint. Give in I must for the holiday season! Previously, we did some foot and hand prints for a birthday card for dad. Now that the feet and hands around here are significantly bigger, we’re gonna employ them for some wall décor instead. Here’s my inspiration but stay tuned for the photo updates 😀

Merry Christmas and happy crafting everyone!


Take it easy, Rachael.




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