A day in the life of ‘Snuffy’ the Trusty Crocheted Hat.


“We goin round d’ savannah,” said mummy as she dressed baby for a trip to the Queen’s Park Savannah, one of Trini’s favourite hotspots. Mummy never left the house without ‘Snuffy.’ As they came out of the car, top on the list was something to eat, with belly in hand, they made their way to Annie’s pholourie hut. Snuffy stood proudly on top of baby’s head and watched as locals and foreigners stood in line for pholourie, accra, saheena even snow cone, waiting to eat dey belly full.

Time went by and the lime was sweeter by the minute, when suddenly ‘Snuffy’ felt himself  being thrown into the air, high, high, over one of d’ savannah tent and onto the floor. Someone had somehow bounced him off of baby’s head. Before mummy realized what had happened, he was mashed and dragged about from one piper clarks (flip-flops) to a next. Trying to ‘paw’ his way back to baby and mummy he tried hard to dinpostimage11odge each oncoming foot. Finallyyyyyyyy, he made it just in time, just in time for mummy to see him on the floor, she bent down and picked him up. “Oh gosh look how dusty he get”, said mummy. “As soon as we reach home I have to wash him out”.

…And wash him out she did. Mummy always washed ‘Snuffy’ with care, in order for him to stay in good shape for as long as possible. ‘Snuffy’ has been in the family for a long time all because he was properly cared for using the following steps; but don’t tell nobody else eh, it’s a family secret .

  1. Based on the type of wool used, it can be hand washed or machine washed on the gentle cycle. If the hat is purchased from www.kairibaby.com the wool used is 100% superwash which guarantees that the colors stay in tact and do not fade.
  2. For machine wash, set machine on a gentle cycle.
  3. Place crocheted item in a mesh bag and throw in the washer with mild detergent. Preferably, one that is suited especially for laundering baby clothing.
  4. Be careful not to wash with other articles of clothing that may have attached hooks, velcro, sequins or any other item that could get caught on the wool.
  5. Start washing.

Once these steps are followed thoroughly, your crochet stays in tact and you are good to go.


So, keep ‘Snuffy’ and his friends in good condition by following these product care steps.  If you would like to have a crocheted hat like trusty ‘Snuffy’ or even a crocheted headband or toy, please visit us at our website www.kairibaby.com or find us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/mykairibaby.

Cheers, Shana



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