DIY Goodness: Elf Door Sign

Hello beautiful kairiPeople,


As every mom on the planet knows, its tough to get a little one out of your room and into their own, for good. In the thick of the predicament myself, I’ve devised a crafty little plot to get my daughter out…spruce up her “new room”…naturally, you have to take “new” with ah pinch ah salt because she’s sharing with a couple of existing tenants. I suggested we add some handmade artwork to the walls and KABLAM! Just like that, she’s excited and ready to go. The Elf Door Sign was done as a surprise for them to get the ball ah-rollin’ so to speak¬†[and also of course, to get them off my back about getting ready for Christmas]. Let’s make a sign shall we?

What We’ll Need:


  • Two small square canvases (I got the Squangles brand, 5″ x 5″, pre-primed for acrylic paint which cost an arm and a leg [$45. TTD a piece lol] but if you like, you could totally cut yours from any plank available to you)
  • 4 screw hooks; 2 with the hook on the end and 2 with the hole
  • 3 U-nails; the small ones are the best kind…I got the large ones, that’s how I know ūüėČ
  • paint and paint brushes (any kind and colour and kind you prefer…I used Reeves acrylic paint in ochre, crimson and red and a nice metallic bronze I had long before road pave)
  • Glitter glue (I just felt like sprinkling the stuff all over everything, it was that kinda day, but you could leave this one out if you’re not into sparkles)
  • Painter’s tape (this is to create the glitter stripes. I didn’t have painter’s tape so I used masking tape instead and it turned out just fine. If you’re doing that too, be sure not to press on the tape too much as this could spoil your paint job)
  • small Santa hat (mine’s crocheted and you could find the pattern here. You could make one of your own using felt and a ready-made pom pom if you like. The brim of the hat should be about 4″ since it is to be positioned just on the corner of the canvas)
  • a pair of “elf-on-the-shelf” legs (again, mine’s crocheted and you could find the pattern here. If you’re unable to crochet, you may opt to make the legs in felt or even paper. Have fun with it!)
  • a black permanent marker (if you don’t think you can write neatly with a fine paintbrush…I didn’t trust myself with the writing and my pilot bullet tip became my hero)
  • a hot glue gun (to attach the hat and legs)



  1. Make the Santa hat and “elf-on-the-shelf” legs and set aside (if you absolutely must have the crochet hat and legs and would like us to do it for you, we’ll be delighted. Please let us know)
  2. inpostimage3Paint both canvases any way you like [Please consider that dark writing is best seen on a lighter background and vice versa. You would think this was obvious but I could barely read my black writing on the crimson canvas :O]. Allow the paint to dry
  3. Apply the glitter stripes at this point. Use the painter’s/masking tape to shield any areas you do not wish to apply glitter to and remove the tape only after the glitter has dried completely
  4. inpostimage4Paint the number of children in the room on the canvas intended for the top and the words “of Santa’s little helpers sleep here” on the canvas intended for the bottom. The number is on a canvas by itself to simplify¬†the job of switching it out for a different number¬†as the need arises. ALTERNATIVE: This sign could also be used as an advent calendar; the top canvas will count down the days till Christmas and the bottom could display the words “…days till Christmas”inpostimage5
  5. inpostimage6Once all writing/painting is dry, screw in the hooks as shown in the picture…They can easily be screwed in with your bare hands. Who knew?!?!?! Make sure that the hooks on the top are aligned with the circles at the bottom. Attach a¬†U-nail at the back of the upper canvas to facilitate hanging
  6. Attach the hat to the upper left corner of the top canvas using the hot glue gun. Be careful not to let the glue come through the stitches and kiss you on your fingers #kissofdeath LOL
  7. Carefully insert a U-nail in each pant leg with the sharp points facing upward. Hammer them into the canvas and then secure with hot glue (my baby is getting tall fast so better safe than sorry)
  8. Attach the upper canvas to the lower one by way of the hooks and you’re ready to upgrade that bedroom door!


I had so much fun doing this and it came together oh so quickly! Do you want a larger Santa hat to actually fit on baby’s head? Or maybe a different kind of headgear¬†to celebrate this festive season? We got you. Head on over to our online store or our Facebook page to pick a few. Why not? ‘Tis the season for funny hats ūüėÄ

Until next time, take it easy, Rachael.


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