DIY Goodness: “Printing” with Crayons

Hello beautiful kairiPeople,


I was griping over the perfect topic for our first blog post and then it hit me…a fresh and original idea…it just so happens that its T’shana’s idea from three months ago. After swift forgiveness, she’s granted her blessing for me to take front. This is so exciting!

I call it “printing” for the sake of simplifying the terms. Basically all we’re doing is customizing an item of clothing by imprinting a drawing [or writing] on it. We’re going to complete the drawing using crayon and sandpaper and iron it onto the fabric to melt the wax. This transfers our design onto the clothes, leaving us with a beautiful statement garment that could stand up to the test of time…and well, a washing machine.

OK enough ole talk let’s get started.

What we’ll need:inpostimage1

  • a clean cotton-blend garment (tShirt, vest, etc.)
  • wax crayons (I like Crayola or Faber Castell for this)
  • sandpaper (a fine grain allows more detail in the artwork, a coarse grain allows less detail)
  • regular printer paper
  • an iron (or as mummy and granny call it; a heater)



inpoststepsFor the sake of being fafoolay, I’ve included a bunch of extra steps but you can totally leave out the extras if you like. The optional ones are marked with an asterisk (*).

  1. *enlist an A-list artist to draw you an epic design
  2. using the crayons, draw your design directly onto your sandpaper. Press firmly. Also, keep in mind that the design in going to be mirrored onto the garment…this is especially important to remember when you’re working with text. You’ll need to write the words the way they would appear if you were reading them in a mirror
  3. line the inside of the garment with printer paper so that the wax doesn’t bleed through all of the layers
  4. position the sandpaper on the garment with the rough side down and iron using your hottest setting. DO NOT USE STEAM; if the water particles from the steam meet the melted wax particles then is ole mas on yuh fabric. So sans steam, press with a heavy hand for 3-5mins
  5. peel off the sandpaper swiftly, place a sheet of printer paper over the newly “printed” garment and press again for about 2mins. This will ensure that your design stays on. Voila! You’re done!
  6. *place the customized garment onto a super-cute infant and unleash him in the backyard to grab a few photos


I hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial and are excited to print with crayons on [almost] every tShirt you own…OK OK that might be too much. What can I say? I’m passionate about DIY and drawing and nice bright crayons and children completely enchanted by their custom gear lol.

If you’re looking for other child-friendly DIY ideas stick with us we’re going places 😉 If you want to source teeth-grinding cuteness and other customized items for the little ones in your life, visit our website

be easy, Rachael.


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